The IPA and the EPF are agreed

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The IPA and the EPF are agreed

Post  nillu on Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:55 pm

The IPA and the EPF are agreed that they shall collaborate to the fullest extent in the creation, development and operation of the Institute. They are further agreed that the legal responsibility and all related liabilities for the Institute shall rest with the IPA and that the EPF shall carry no liability in this regard and this Memorandum does not limit the IPA's right to defend its legal and financial position as it judges appropriate. Within the context of these two agreements, the two organisations intend to collaborate as described within this Memorandum of Understanding to achieve the aims of the Institute. This Memorandum has no legal basis, and both sides agree that any disputes between them regarding the Institute shall be resolved as described in clause 41 below, and not by recourse to legal action.

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